WE ARE BIG BELIEVERS IN ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS. All of our wedding collections include them. Tammy will go so far as to say they are non-negotiable, and has traveled to Chicago, Manhattan, Baltimore, Boston, D.C., and Savannah (to name a few) to shoot with some of our out-of-town clients.

NOT ONLY ARE ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS UNBELIEVABLY FUN, they give Tammy a chance to get to know you, to see the two of you in action, hear your story and learn what makes you tick. This is invaluable come wedding day! Many of the amazing moments Tammy has captured at clients’ weddings came as a direct result of conversations had and stories told during the engagement session.

As a bonus, you get to see how Tammy works and she can give you pointers on how to be your best in front of the camera. The experience helps couples to feel more comfortable being photographed, and can take away some of the stress of being in the spotlight on your wedding day. AND you get awesome images of you two in your everyday lives! Total win!