Tammy Swales

TAMMY IS A STORYTELLER, creator, Pinterest junkie and voracious reader who lives in the Park Avenue area in Downtown Rochester, with her son, Matt, and little ball of French Bulldog-y terror, Zoe. Tammy sees the world in light, color, and emotion, in those instances in which people let their guard down and really connect with one another, themselves and the moment.

Tammy works hard to make sure that nothing that she does, in life or in the studio, is static. Life is too short for that! There are always new things to learn and do and try, new adventures to discover and new stories to tell.

RELATIONSHIP IS THE CORNERSTONE OF TAMMY'S APPROACH TO PHOTOGRAPHY. Every shoot is a partnership. She develops strong relationships with her clients, and these relationships are the foundation of work. She loves it when clients send her ideas, friend her on Facebook, grab a coffee with her or even just stop by the studio just to say hi.

For Tammy photography is not just a job…it is fun!!! So take a look around the site, ask us questions if you want, and come play!